How To Be A Better Person: 7 Experts Share Their Most Important Tips

With a pandemic on the loose, all of us seem to have ample time on our hands. Undoubtedly, it has shaken us all to the core in different ways. People have lost their jobs, a stable income, and some have had to stay apart from their family, while others lost family members.

At the same time, it has allowed all of us to rethink our actions as human beings – where are we headed? More importantly, how to be a better person after the quarantine ends?

How exactly can we make effective use of our time to improve ourselves and grow? So that when we come of the quarantine, we’re not only better people but also headed in the right direction.


How To Be A Better Person Post-Quarantine?

Usually, a free day would be all about taking a much-needed break, going out, or even sleeping in. But what do we do with a vacation that never seems to end? And how do we ensure that we come out better than we were before?

This article is your ultimate answer for it all! We’ve gathered expert opinions on the matter, so you know what to do.

In essence, you need to gear up and build on yourself. Now for some of us, that may be a lot of work!

There have been talks that we’ve been piling up, that book we have always wanted to read but never got enough time to. The morning routine, we have always wanted to adapt to. At some point, all of us have wanted to stop chasing after time and relax doing simple and creative things. And more than that, to find out how to be a better person.

So, now that we do have time on our hands, most of us have no clue what to do with it.

Here is a list of the most important things that we have put together to help you build yourself into a person you can be proud of!


1. Self-Reflection

Self-reflection is necessary after the wild goose chase we have all been struggling through. It is critical to keep us sane during these times of uncertainty when nothing makes sense.

We might need to take some time off from our newly found hobbies, including Netflix and Chill, to actually reflect upon ourselves, our attitude, thoughts. Where we want to be? Who we want to be?




And the direction that we want to take our lives in. This may not only help us direct our activities better but may also help improve our self-confidence. It’s a smart thing to keep track of your feelings, interests, and all that you’ve done so far.

Once the day of the week has ended, you should reflect on this time. This would allow you to process your memories and all the ideas you have recorded so far. This will help you stay in tune with your routine activities and help keep tabs on the ones in the future. Also, it will bring you a step closer to understanding how to be a better person.


2. Meditation

Someone once said, “To a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.” We couldn’t have agreed more.

Meditation is essential to replenish our souls and get our thoughts in order. Under such stressful circumstances, it is necessary to keep our mind and body both at ease. It is like food for the soul and mind.

Adding meditation to your daily regime would lead to lower stress levels. It can also help achieve mindfulness and greater focus. We learn more about ourselves, our breathing, our emotions, and our pain. And in doing so, we also know how to be a better person in life.


Certain types of meditation can contribute to enhanced self-image and a more optimistic perspective on life. A healthy mind leads to a healthy body. And the gateway to achieving this is by practicing meditation and getting in a few minutes of peace in your quarantine-ridden routine.

“In mindfulness practice, we are learning how to return to, and remain in, the present moment—to anchor ourselves in the here and now on purpose, without judgment.”


3. Exercise and Workout

The pandemic practically has all of us under house arrest. Therefore, everyone is sleeping in and sitting down more than they generally would. It’s far worse for those who don’t usually engage in a lot of physical exercises.

However, you must get a few minutes of cardio or any form of physical exercise to keep your body in good shape for a healthier version of yourself. There are various reasons why training is essential and might be a crucial key to being a better person. It helps reduce stress, mood, and feelings. It also helps fight depression, anxiety, and strain through making hormonal changes.

Exercise is also known to release serotonin and norepinephrine, which helps relieve feelings and depression.

How to be better people

Furthermore, it also helps produce endorphins, which help create positive feelings and reduce pain. It is also known to reduce anxiety and improve mental health. It improves mood and helps reduce weight. The body spends energy either digesting food, exercising, or maintaining body functions.

Therefore, working out helps spend energy and reduce fat. It also helps improve stamina and energy levels. Working out regularly is also known to help enhance the quality of sleep and sexual performance. It is also known to have a massive impact on an individual’s skin and body performance.


What Do The Experts Have To Say About Betterment After Quarantine?

Most of human experience and lifestyle is shared and guided by community principles. To make it easier for you, we handpicked the experts in various fields and have gathered their responses and advice on how to come out of quarantine a better person.


Here’s what the experts have to say about how to be a better person.


Mandie Holgate

Mandie HolgateMandie Holgate is an international, multi-award-winning business coach and keynote speaker. She is also an A-list author, having written bestsellers, including Fight the Fear.

Holgate teaches professionals and entrepreneurs, business owners, and workable skills.

The companies she has worked with include Lloyd, Anglia Ruskin University, Institute of Directors, etc. Some companies, however, she can’t mention. She also happens to be a Business Mentor and Coach for the Growth Accelerator program. Mandie is also described as the “Tiger in Redbull, powered by Duracell” by Steve Clarke, an international speaker, and trainer for Eureka Sales Ltd.

She has also been described as “The best speaker for business and success that she had ever heard. Male or female.” Holgate has also been named as the 2015 inspirational woman of the year by Woman’s Own Magazine.

The issue many people have is they think they are confident and happy when in fact they are not. Of all the things I see that impact people’s happiness and success in business and life, the biggest is a lack of confidence and hidden fears that stop us from speaking up, being honest, and being healthy and resilient in any situation.

The pandemic teaches this to be accurate, with some thriving and others suffering so much. Suppose you want to be happier and more successful after all, building internal confidence and happiness. If the world impacts your happiness or confidence around you – The media, social media, work colleagues, family, friends, world events, how much money is in your bank account, etc. – you don’t have true happiness or confidence.

Build internal confidence that is not impacted by anything in the outside world, and trust me, you will get better results in every area of your life moving forward.


Andy Petranek

Andy PetranekAndy Petranek, a professional life, leadership, and performance coach, is known to help people improve their confidence, joy, and fulfillment for more than 25 years now.

Petranek is also a former US Marine who has served for four years as a small unit commander and combat engineer. He is also a red bull sponsored athlete and is into adventure racing. He has also captained teams and navigated courses in races, for example, the Eco-Challenge and Raid Gauloises.

Petranek is known to be one of CrossFit’s earliest adopters and has owned one of the most renowned gyms. He also launched his own consulting business, teaching various CrossFit affiliate gym owners about gym management and the success strategies that he implies. Petranek has also acquired a master’s degree in spiritual psychology and is known as an influencer and trendsetter in fitness and health.

We mustn’t let the pandemic be the only thing that steers our life right now. When it comes down to it, life has always been riddled with uncertainty. We think we have control, but it’s just an illusion. COVID19 has revealed this to us, collectively. This gives us an unprecedented opportunity to reset… see life for what it is, and deal with our own inner challenges around self-confidence, fear, and doubt when we can’t control our circumstances. 

As troubling as COVID19 might be right now, if you are letting it dictate your thoughts, feelings, and actions, you are at the mercy of life and its circumstances. Instead, I suggest you face it, let go of what you can’t control, and slow things down to focus on what you can – your reaction, response, and how you think and feel about it, which will then dictate your behavior and actions and bring you greater strength, confidence and inner peace.


Bart Mendel

Bart Mendel

Mendel is the founder and chief meditation officer at MindWorks. He strives on a meditation practice path, including periods of intensive meditation retreats headed by the world’s most respected meditation masters.

Bart is the man behind MindWorks’ progressive meditation and teaching system, including the Mindworks Journey, and is also an inspirational entrepreneur. With various business and meditation accomplishments, he is the perfect guide to help amalgamate professional success and personal development.


This microscopic virus has delivered the message that our time is very precious. Are we going to waste it impatiently waiting for life to return to normal? We rarely take the opportunity to look at our own way of thinking and behavior. Still, with an enforced change in routines, we can look at ourselves with genuineness and humor and slowly break negative habits.

We can use this time to become a better, more caring human being. Genuine meditation practice is an essential tool to do this – not a “feel good” practice but one that aims for our heart and mind, so we can get in touch with what truly matters in life.


Rob Rutowski

Rob Rutowski

Rob Rutowski has a big passion driving him everyday. Meditation has changed and improved his life in various ways, from managing his stress and anxiety, to learning more about himself. 

Meditation has helped strengthen his spiritual beliefs in ways he didn’t even expect.

With these in mind, he created and made it a mission to help others discover themselves through meditation.



Believe it or not, I’m now a big believer that God (or the universe) is using this worldwide pandemic for good. Quarantine is breaking us all down to build us up more vital than ever in the long run. This applies to both individuals and the human race as a whole.

While I believe God (or the universe) is using the pandemic to strengthen each of us in different ways, I think there is one thing we should all do to come out of quarantine stronger and better… focus on strengthening our religious and/or spiritual practices.

There’s never been a better opportunity (and more time) to focus on going within to find the love, strength, and purpose that exists within all of us. No matter where you are on your spiritual or religious journey, there are always ways to go deeper.

Make it a priority to meditate or pray more (ideally every single day). Doing so will better allow God or the universe to give you exactly what you need in this season of your life and position you for greatness!


Matt Wright

Matt Wright

Matt Wright is the Director and responsible for the scientific research and data oversight at

This includes referencing and checking research sources to ensure that the science and food composition data used on the website is accurate and up-to-date.

Matt is also the author of ‘The Genius of Ordinary Food‘.




 Realize that viruses are an integral part of human evolution and that 50% of our DNA has a retroviral legacy with 8% of our genome being viral. Viruses push forward human development, look at the results of corona:

  1. The global community, for the first time in millennia, has a common goal.
  2. Families have been brought closer together.
  3. Appreciation of our care workers has increased.
  4. Climate change has been slowed down.
  5. We now have a greater appreciation of our children’s education.
  6. We are learning to work more flexibly.
  7. Our priorities are oriented toward the care and protection of others.


David Griffiths

David Griffiths

David Griffiths is the Head of the Office of the Secretary-General at Amnesty International. He is known to shape and form the Secretary-General’s agenda and interventions on human rights issues throughout the world. He is not only the media spokesperson but also helps in long-term strategic thinking for the firm.

Griffiths has also led the South Asia regional team, managing the initial stages of the transition from London into the region. Before joining Amnesty, Griffiths worked in research and advocacy and helped promote the rights of religious, ethnic, and caste minorities in Asia.

He is interested in the intersection of nationalism with religious and cultural identities and holds degrees from Oxford University and the School of Oriental and African Studies.

The pain of the COVID-19 pandemic, a defining event of our times, will continue long after the virus subsides. When the immediate crisis is over, many will have experienced unimaginable loss. But we will have gained something too – a choice. When we emerge from this collective trauma, we can choose to go back to our old trajectory. Or, we can learn from this experience and make different choices for the future.


Mo Seetubtim

Mo SeetubtimMo Seetubtim is the owner and founder of The Happiness Planner, which is a platform that uses personal development tools that help individuals understand how to be a better person. Also, it helps them take control of their minds, heal and be truly happy and fulfilled.

The renowned firm is known to design gorgeous inspirational planning and organizing. They also have journaling tools designed to help people restructure their lives. You can then use them to align on a path that leads to happiness.

The methods and activities designed by them help people see things from a different perspective. This, in turn, encourages positive thinking, personal development, gratitude, and mindfulness.

According to Mo, we must focus on self-reflection and ourselves. We must go into the depth of who we are and reflect upon our practices. This also includes completing pending tasks and improve our attitude toward others and life in general.

This time in quarantine is providing us an opportunity to spend time with ourselves. Putting all of our focus and energy towards ourselves. To make the most of this, we should use this time to focus on tasks, work, projects, or studies that require deep focus.

We should use this time to self-reflect on who we are and what we want out of life, making peace with ourselves and the parts of us that we may have abandoned because we felt they were unlovable. We should use this time to work on our self-acceptance and changing bad habits.

Most importantly, we should use this time to build resilience and cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Sharpening our mindset and perception requires just as much practice as changing our habits does. See the quarantine time as a Bootcamp that when the pandemic is over, you come out feeling ready to take on the world.


Key Takeaway

The key to figuring out how to be a better person lies in patience and willingness to learn. However, we do understand that even that can become a little overwhelming at times. So remember to take it one day at a time. Don’t exhaust yourself in this challenging time.

We hope that our advice on how to win at quarantine and the expert opinions will help you out!


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