8 Best Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do At Home

We all need to maintain our fitness, whether by going to gyms or doing workouts at home. But we turn down due to age and increasing concerns, obligations, practical or family responsibilities.

Going to the gym today requires time and money that may not always be available. We do not want to leave our bodies victim to diseases, laziness and joint pain. Therefore, a few home bodyweight exercises and our best at-home workout tips remain the best solution to maintain permanent fitness.


Why are bodyweight exercises important?


We all need to maintain our fitness, whether by going to gyms or doing home exercises. But we turn down due to age and increasing concerns, obligations, practical or family responsibilities.

Going to the gym today requires time and money that may not always be available. We do not want to leave our bodies victim to diseases, laziness and joint pain. Therefore, home bodyweight exercises remain the best solution to maintain permanent fitness.

To get the desired result, we must choose a mix of core exercises & strength exercises. With commitment, focus and a little extra effort, we will notice clear results. Here are eight bodyweight exercises you can do at home to stay in shape!


1. Running In Place

Bodyweight Exercises

One of the most simple exercises. Almost everyone knows it and there is no person who does not know how to practice it. It is easy, simple and does not need special tools or a professional trainer to monitor its effectiveness.

Despite all that, we all are unaware of its great benefits on our bodies.

This exercise is especially effective for the heart, and It’s an essential step for people who exercise for thinness. Doctors recommend this bodyweight exercise the most to its patients, hence its popularity. Stimulating the blood circulation, reducing disease in general and increasing stamina.

With this exercise, you have to make sure that you are on soft ground so that your feet do not hurt. It may be better to run while wearing sports shoes, which relieve pressure on the thighs. It is better to do a slight warm-up, as running, despite its simplicity, may cause some degree of muscle tension.

You can do this exercise in different ways. Running normally, lifting one knee alternately each time, lifting the arms alternately or with the arms extended Others practice skipping rope! It’s not a bad idea to do Jumping rope challenges with your friends or family.

By adding this atmosphere of enthusiasm and challenge, it motivates you to do the exercise without boredom. However, this very simple exercise may be more beneficial than you think. If you think of creating a home exercise program for yourself, never ignore running in place.


2. One Leg Balance


This exercise aims to strengthen the legs. It focuses on the area of the thighs and calves and to a lesser degree the abdomen. This is also one of the best methods to increase. Perform this bodyweight exercise simply by standing on one leg in balance focusing all your bodyweight on this leg. After that extend the other leg upwards and backward in the same line of your arms (make a T shape).

Some people may find this balance difficult at first. As you can see, it is similar to the movements of a ballet dancer! You can help yourself by placing your arms on either side of your body in a flying position. Stay like this for a while and then you can alternate between the legs.


3. Bodyweight Exercises – Push And Pull Training

Bodyweight Exercises

This is a type of strength exercise but not just an ordinary one. You cannot find an athlete or a bodybuilder who does not perform this exercise at least once a week. It is very effective in burning fat, strengthening back muscles and improving joint health.

Men in particular prefer this exercise because it is a basic step for building chest, abdominal and arm muscles. But you may need some tools to do this properly. You can do a big variety of these bodyweight exercises at home using TRX All-In-One Suspension Training. It comes with a workout guide, so all you must do is follow it to do the exercises correctly.

Of course, the TRX Suspension Training must have a high resistance, so it does not break during working out. If you have any concerns about the strength of the ropes, we would be glad to tell you that this product was highly tested. The manufacturers have tested the safety of ropes against 350 pounds resistance and they didn’t even have a scratch. This high rated TRX from Amazon will help you to do this exercise best, so you won’t have to go to the gym three or four times a week.

 All the ropes are made so that you won’t need any other equipment to exercise at home. They go far beyond pull and push exercises to cover another wide variety of bodyweight exercises.


4. Bodyweight Exercises – Push Ups

Bodyweight Exercises - Pushups

Who does not know push-ups?! This type of bodyweight exercise is probably the most popular. There are many ways to do it according to each persons experience or fitness level. The most common and what almost everyone does is to stabilize their hands and the tips of their toes on the ground and lift the entire body up and down.

Many recommend doing push-ups on a regular schedule without interruption. This is the key to increasing muscle flexibility and strengthening the heart and blood vessels. It was medically proven that push-ups increase the secretion of growth hormone and male hormones.

The most characteristic feature of these types of core exercises is that they focus on the entire body. They work on all the chest, arms and abdomen muscles. The ideal program for push-ups includes doing this exercise two or three times a week and in non-consecutive manner.

Practicing it daily is harmful and causes muscle pain, tension and headache. So, if you want to get an ideal result from push-up exercises, it is best to do them regularly. if you practice it randomly, the damage may outweigh the benefits. But overall, you should put it on your home bodyweight exercises schedule!


5. Back Extension

Back Straightening

With the development of technology, we got a great dependence on computers in most of our jobs and activities. We spend most of the day now sitting in one position. We go to work and sit at the table in front of the computer for hours. A few hours later, we return home and repeat the same thing.

Prolonged sitting mainly affects the back muscles, weakens them and makes them more prone to pain. Doctors advise to practice back extension constantly, especially for people who depend on sitting to do their work.

It is very smooth, and you do not need any tools to do it. Lie on the floor or on something comfortable and bend your knees towards your upper body without your arms helping you to do so. You can also use your hands to keep your body bent in this way for a few minutes. After, move your head inward and bend it towards your knees. This may feel painful at first, especially in the upper neck and lower back.

However, by repeating it five to ten times every day, the pain will gradually disappear. Not only that, this bodyweight exercise itself will become one of your daily comfort methods. You will hardly abandon it again.


6. Resistance Training

Resistance Training

This is a great way to stimulate your muscles so that they get out all their strength. Resistance exercises, hence, their name, trains your body muscles to resist to pressure.

These exercises contribute to shaping the body, burning calories and increasing muscle mass. For medical reasons, doctors recommend these exercises to prevent mental illness and memory loss. It is also very useful for physical therapy against injuries to the feet or knees.

There are many ways to do these exercises, but the best is to use elastic belts that tighten the muscles. You must then move the arms or feet to resist this tension.

You may face some confusion about the nature of the rubber belts that you can use to do this exercise or how to choose them. There are many of them available for sale on Amazon. For example, these High-Strength Elastic Bands are what we highly recommend.

The 12″ by 2″ bands are made of high-end materials especially for heavy exercisers, but not only for them. The bands provide 5 graded colored resistance levels so it can suit all kinds of trainers.

Whether you’ve just started doing some core exercises or you are already a sports beast, the bands will help.

We also want to point out that these bands are not for a stereotype exercise only. Many athletes include them in different training programs, especially stretching and strength exercises.

They are also one of the favorite tools for physical therapists at the phase of rehabilitation. If you are having trouble with leg, back or knee injury, then these bands are indispensable. They also come with an illustrated workout guide to let you use the bands in the best possible way.


7. Squats

Bodyweight Exercises

This exercise is very underestimated and neglected, especially in-home training programs.

To be honest, there is no more successful and easy way to strengthen the thighs and buttocks muscles as squatting. The good news is that it is very suitable for home practice.

The benefits of this exercise are countless. 

From increasing body strength in general, to leg muscles, squats are a must for the back, neck and knees, reducing pain and helping to enhance body movement.

One of the most prominent hidden features of the squat is that the abdominal muscles are under pressure throughout the time you exercise. Therefore, practicing it regularly may be an ideal way to the perfect thin stomach.

Many fail to get good results from simple bodyweight exercises like this by not practicing them properly. Although this exercise cannot be easier to perform, there is a secret to a successful squat. Widen your feet at 45 degrees until the distance between them equals the distance between shoulders.

If you find it difficult to squat, you can lean on a table while lifting and lowering your body. Over time, the strength of your legs will increase until they become able to carry the body on their own.

You can achieve greater benefit from squats alone, but if you feel it’s too easy, try holding on to something heavier. This will leads to strengthen the trunk in general and thus improving your balance.

Another useful way to increase weight while squatting is to wear a Weighted Jacket This will make the exercise more intense, but it will give a stronger effect.

bodyweight exercises

Being one of the highest rated weight jackets on Amazon, we are confident in suggesting it to you. The materials of the jacket do not slip or slide while working out, even while sweating. The soft neoprene materials are there to provide the highest degrees of comfort and relaxation. They included a flexible front belt to make the jacket adjustable for multiple sizes. Another great feature is the extra back pockets, which you can use if you want to add extra weight.


8. Bridge exercise


This bodyweight exercise works mainly on the abdomen, legs and thighs and also depends on the arms, knees and spine. It is a comprehensive muscular exercise that contributes to stimulating blood circulation.

There are many ways to do the bridge exercise, but the best way is to practice it on soft surfaces. These can be grass, sponge pad, or Yoga Mats

The correct way to do it begins with lying on your back. Now, bend the knees inward and widen the feet at the width of the hips. You should pay attention to your toes pointing forward.

The basic idea of the exercise is to raise the hips up in the form of a bridge, while leaning on the heels to lift the upper part of the body. Make the back and buttocks in a straight line by squeezing the buttocks area. Balance in place for a short time, then relax your body down and repeat.

This exercise will increase your fitness levels and strengthen your body muscles. It will also make you more able to make movements that require great physical flexibility.


However, the best exercise is to read about exercises!


Reading itself may not be a sporting thing, but it is even more important. Sports books are the most important reminders of the value of our health, bodies, and minds.

To have the motivation and to continue your program forever, you must reach a degree of convention. You must know that exercising is the only way to live a long healthy life away from diseases and medicines.

Do not also forget that exercises help you to get rid of tension and laziness. These habits are the cause of most diseases and failures in the world. Reading reminds us, and it helps us to know the dangers of our life without movement. In this regard, we recommend one of the best-selling books that have benefited many athletes in their lives. Bodyweight Muscle – A Science Based Approach To Gaining Mass Without Lifting Weights.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started with your home exercise program now, and don’t forget to add these exercises to your list! 

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