Paleo VS Keto Diets: Which One Should You Follow?

Both the Paleo and Keto are different types of diet plans that people have come to choose based on the most suitable one. In this guide goes deep into the debate of Paleo vs Keto, and you can see all the food the diets allow and things that are not consumable.

Here are some of the reasons and differences between both the Paleo and Keto Diet. For more information on all about the Paleo and Keto Diets that you could try out.


What is the Paleo diet?

The Paleo diet has become popular over the years, and then it is referred to as the “caveman diet.” Sticking to the principle of consuming foods that were available to early humans. In the long run, the diet promotes optimal health results.

Yet, one of the fundamental theories that guide the paleo diet is that technologically advanced foods could be damaging. The production and processing techniques are not in consideration of what it does to the system.

So, if you manage your eating habits and styled to look like the Paleolithic hunter-gatherers, you would begin to feel better because the body’s natural biological function improves to aid digestion and then make you healthier.

The Paleo diet takes out certain popular food items and then replace them with others. Some of the eliminated parts include legumes, grains, processed sugar, and other dairy sources.

Paleo Foods

What food items work for a Paleo Diet?


Since the goal of the paleo diet is to make you healthier, so there are recommendations. In this section are some of the food items that are for a paleo diet.

Check them out below:

  • Meat: This could chicken, beef, or any form of commonly eaten meat.
  • Fish: Fish is another food that could go on the paleo diet because it has impressive health benefits.

  • Eggs:
    An earlier form of nutrient that humans have clung to for the longest time and to has its health benefit.
  • Nuts and seeds: Nuts and seeds are mildly satisfying and can pass as a healthy food for those on a paleo diet.
  • Fruits: One of the healthiest sources of nutrients that anyone could have without being on this diet.
  • Vegetables: All vegetables are also good sources of nutrient that works for a caveman diet. Note, this is apart from corn, which could pass as a grain.
  • Fats and oils: Fats and oil that could work for a paleo diet. So you could have olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, tallow, ghee/butter, lard, and more. Just confirm with your dieticians which fatty oily and fatty oil works.
  • Sweeteners: Some sweeteners are minimally processed to aid the paleo diet—sweeteners like maple syrup, raw honey, coconut sugar, natural stevia, etc.

Note, the Paleo diet is way more than just being on a fun diet to help you live healthier. Paleo is a manner of living that connects back to how humans lived in the past. This diet places a strong focus on lifestyle practices and their environmental effect.

It focuses on the body’s wellness within the framework of the philosophy that guides the paleo diet.


What are the benefits of a Paleo diet?

The paleo diet comprises an eating plan that focuses on the importance of whole foods, thereby eliminating other things. There are no grains, legumes, and processed foods that would typically harm the health in the long run.

Besides, a paleo diet is a healthy lifestyle choice, and it offers a few advantages to you. Here are some of the benefits of having a paleo diet:

  • Those who stick to a paleo diet are more likely to have a cleaner diet that comes without chemicals, preservatives, and additives.
  • It also has anti-inflammatory benefits that give plant-based nutrients from vegetables, oils, fruits, nuts, and seeds.
  • Paleo gives attention to eating meat, which provides you with more iron that makes you stronger.
  • Paleo also gives you an improved sense of satisfaction and fullness in between meals due to more intake of fats and protein.
  • It is an easy way to lose weight because of the limited food choices on the Paleo diet.

With all the benefits from the Paleo diet, staying healthy becomes a lot easier. It helps in staying fit without the gym and still keeping in touch with how man lived before technology.


What are the disadvantages of the paleo diet?

Even though there are several health benefits of being on the Paleo diet, it has some downsides. In this section are some of the advantages of the paleo diet. Check them out below:

  • Maintaining a paleo diet can be expensive to do.
  • While on this plan, it becomes impossible to have grains or dairy foods that can be healthy and give more energy.
  • Vegetarians find it hard to survive on this diet plan that excludes beans in general.
  • It is difficult for athletes to stay on this diet because they need more carb to function. With the paleo diet, it is difficult to have up to three to six grams of carbs for each pound of body weight each day. Vegetables and fruits cannot offer this to athletes daily and then there would be need for a substitute for the diet.

For more on understanding the Paleo diet, you can visit this link. There are more details highlighted there.


What is the Keto diet?

A majority of the tissues in the human body preferably function with the glucose that comes from carbohydrates. This helps to provide more energy for the body to work at all times. However, the idea of ketosis involves a metabolic state where your body then makes use of calories from fat instead of just carbs.

Furthermore, this supplements the standard energy source generated in the body so that instead of carbs, it uses another source. So you still have the energy to carry out your daily functions without running short.

The Keto Diet, which is also called the Ketogenic diet, induces an actual state of ketosis. This works with vital considerations to a calculated shift of carbs, protein, fat, and dietary macronutrients.

It is also important to know that the Keto diet helps you get to a specified weight and may be hard to follow.

Keto Diet

What foods are items accepted on a Keto Diet?


Since the Keto diet substitutes the energy source from regular carbohydrates, this section is some of the food that goes into a keto diet plant. Check them out below:

  • Fat: If you have decided to get on a keto diet plan for any reason, fat is essential to replace the traditional carbohydrates. Approximately, it allows for as much as sixty-five to ninety percent fat in your daily meals.
  • Protein: For the case of protein, it doesn’t come as much as the fats in your daily meal plan. However, as one on a Keto diet, it is essential to have an average of ten to thirty percent of protein in your plan.
  • Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are not so popular in the Keto diet, but it is still needed to add to the energy level. Approximately, it allows us to have five percent of carbohydrates daily.

Note that the macronutrient distribution in a keto diet is slightly different when compared to the standard diet. It stays in favor of more fats in the diet than carbohydrates. There is also a considerable amount of protein and a small number of carbohydrates.

The goal of getting to the point of ketosis with the diet plan is to initiate a metabolic dissolution of fat into your body. However, the level of micronutrient taken into the system must be highly controlled. This is to ensure that you don’t run the risk of throwing your metabolism out of ketosis.

Also, one of the primary reasons that the keto diet has gotten an adequate level of popularity in the Paleo vs Keto diet is because it is a safe way to lose weight. It also improves the level of blood sugar, making it balanced enough.


What are the benefits of a keto diet?

Keto diet is advisable for people because of several reasons, and then it has its health benefits. In this section are several of the benefits of getting on a Keto diet.

Check them out below:

  • Helps in weight loss: Keto diet can help in losing weight in various ways. First, it starts by reducing your appetite and urge to get food. Also, it helps in reducing the metabolism of the body itself.
  • Helps acne: Acne is a common skin condition caused by different things and links to blood sugar and diets in certain people. Consuming food that is high in processed and refined carbohydrates changes the balance of gut bacteria. With a ketogenic diet, acne symptoms reduce in some people.
  • Keeps can cause cancer under control: Certain research materials on Paleo vs Keto has proven that a ketogenic diet helps treat and even prevent certain cancers. It is okay to serve as a complementary treatment to other things used in curing or preventing cancer. According to some studies, it reduces blood sugar, which then lowers any risk that may come from insulin complications.
  • Protects the brain function: Brain-related illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease and others fare better on a keto diet plan. It gives a lot of neuroprotective benefits that help in strengthening.
  • Controls seizures: With the high intake of fats and proteins in the food plan and the low amount of carbohydrates, the body’s energy gets adjusted. This results in Ketosis, which helps in reducing seizures that occur in epileptic people.


What are the disadvantages of the Keto diet?

Even with all that the keto diet offers to you, it still has some possible side effects that could happen in the long run. Note, these effects are manageable while on a keto diet.

In this section are some of the wrong sides of being on the Keto diet plan. Check them out below:

  • Nutrients deficiencies: As a result of the various whole food groups that go out from the main diet, it could lead to certain deficiencies. The keto diet takes out fruits and whole grains. This is majorly possible when the diet plan is not followed correctly in the first place or without the right guidance.
  • Keto Flu: While on the diet transition, it is possible to experience discomfort from taking out the carbohydrates from your diet. The incidence is the keto flu, and it sometimes comes with headaches, nausea, hunger, fatigue, irritability, constipation, and even make the brain foggy.
  • Adherence: Due to a high-fat diet that makes it challenging to maintain all through the plan. It deals with managing the satisfaction with restricted food groups, and you are not allowed to have access to more pleasurable foods. So adherence to the rules and the food groups while on a keto diet could be challenging, which is a bad side effect of the diet plan.
  • Gut health: The removal of fruits and whole grains from your diet can be bad on a general note. It lowers the level of fiber that is not good for gut health, therefore, making the idea of using the restroom troubling.


These are some of the side effects that may come from getting on a keto diet plan. However, for more information on all that concerns the keto diet, check this link.


What is the Paleo vs Keto Diet?

Both the Keto diet and the Paleo diet helps you stay healthy and meet targets. However, understanding the Paleo vs Keto means you know all about the different food plans. Here are the major differences at a glance.

Paleo Diet Keto Diet.
Meat/Fish Yes No
Eggs Yes No
Nuts and seeds Yes No
Vegetables Yes Yes
Fruits. Yes No
Fats and oil Yes Yes
Natural Sweeteners Yes No
Whole grains No Yes

Above are the various food disparity that makes up Paleo vs Keto diet, and there are more food items for a Paleo diet. Still, for each of them, the Keto helps in losing weight much more straightforward than usual.


What similarities do the Paleo vs Keto diet have?

Even though the Paleo vs Keto shows more disparities in the plane. They are similar on several points, and you need to consider them before going on each of the diets. Below are some ways that they are alike:



A Paleo diet or a Keto Diet are both intended to make the person be well covered on the inside, thereby increasing the rate at which you are healthy. For the Paleo, it makes use of food items that have existed before human evolution. This involved meat and other sourced food that is acceptable by your instructor or a human guide.

Furthermore, with the Keto comes a lot fewer problems as there is no need to invest so much in this once you handle it. It allows you to get the necessary weight level that you need to stay on the keto diets.



Unlike just conveniently maintaining the unique diet plans, they are expensive and cost a lot to stick to. This is what both diet plans have in common and is considerable as well. So, even though this is a post on the Paleo vs Keto diet, go for one that you can maintain.



It is placing the Paleo vs Keto side by side helps to choose the right plan that would work for your body goals. It shows how much whole food and grains are in consumption and with the percentage. In this article, we have successfully shown you how to differences between the two diets with ease.

For more healthy tips, check out Weight Loss Foods to Stay Away From and Best Weight Loss Foods to Eat For a Healthy and Lean Body

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