Ideas For Business From Home: 5 Ways To Start Earning From Home!

Starting a business from home is a dream for many people who want to better articulate their professional life with their private life. But the question that many people face is, “What business to start with?” Today I’ll give you 5 ideas for business from home that almost everybody can start with.

Who has never dreamed of choosing their schedule and defining their working conditions? Something that stimulates you, something that makes your days meaningful and motivates you. Something that improves your finances. Am I right? In the corner of your head, you know that starting your business and working from home will greatly improve your quality of life (and this idea may have nothing to do with the COVID 19 crisis). In fact, it’s not just a wish. You have been searching the web for quite some time to find the right idea or opportunity. And there, the horror. You are confronted with something that often happens on the web: The tsunami of information. You find a lot of information and opportunities. Yes, but how do you unravel it? And so comes this article. 

Why Start A Business From Home?

ideas for business from home

Everyone has their own reasons for starting their own business at home. They can be practical, economic, or simply personal.

First of all, thanks to the internet, finding customers for his business has become much easier. Thanks to social networks and other internet-related channels you can reach a very wide audience. Of course, there is competition, but there is also demand to allow you to get by. Because of the internet and depending on your chosen activity, your market can be downright global. This is the case, for example, if you decide to launch yourself as a bilingual web editor.

Second, the process of starting as an independent and as an individual company is much simpler than it was several years ago. The economic and support aid for administrative procedures is more numerous and above all, the management of such a small company is very inexpensive. Finally, working from home gives you autonomy and flexibility that you would otherwise be unable to achieve. Comfort is also there and you can maintain your privacy more easily. But be careful not to sink into loneliness. Anyway, let’s get into some ideas for business that can be carried out from the comfort of your home.

Home Business Ideas

There are many ways to make money from home. To help you make your choice, I have curated 5 different ways to get you started:

1. Getting Into E-commerce

Ideas for business from home

One of the ideas for starting a business from home is delving into the world of E-commerce. Whether you make a product yourself or not, selling it on the Internet is more than possible. E-commerce is indeed a very promising sector and rather easy to set up.

Indeed, the investment to launch your own online store is very minimal thanks to platforms and tools like Shopify and WordPress. But before you get started, you have to choose between several possibilities:

  • Selling products you make yourself
  • Have your products produced by a third-party company or source from a supplier
  • Dropshipping, i.e. selling without worrying about all the logistics (inventory management, sending merchandise) using a wholesaler. This is probably the easiest way to get started.

To put all the odds on your side, feel free to make sure you have a sufficient customer base when you get started. For this purpose, social media is your best friend as you have potentially billions of users on platforms like Facebook and Instagram that can be marketed your products.

 What Is Drop Shipping?

Do you know about dropshipping? This practice is becoming more and more common on the Internet, allowing you to generate income without leaving your home! This activity requires few prior skills, little financial investment, and above all, you can launch it in parallel with your main activity! Your workspace is kept to a bare minimum: you simply need a computer and an internet connection.

The principle is quite simple. It’s about sourcing suppliers to find interesting products, opening an online store, and offering the items you’ve spotted in your wholesaler’s catalog. When a customer orders on your site, your supplier receives the order and must ship it. He’s in charge of the whole logistics part! Your earnings depend on the difference between your selling price and that of the supplier. If you want to learn more about dropshipping check out this complete guide to dropshipping. On to the next one.

2. Sell Services As A Freelancer

ideas for business from home

Working as a freelancer you can start a business with no money. There are many freelancer platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. You can create a profile and then apply directly to companies and individuals for freelance assignments. If you have several years of experience in marketing, management, human resources, or real estate, you can be a consultant.

Offer companies the benefit of your expertise during a project. If you have completed a literary course, become a reviewer and proofreader of dissertations for studies, internship reports, or thesis. With strong writing skills, you can become a self-employed entrepreneur specializing in web writing. For example, for merchant sites that need listings for their products or buying guides. If you are fluent in at least one foreign language, offer your services as a foreign language web editor, or translator

What If I Have No Skill?

 If you don’t have any skill and are eager to learn one, platforms like Skillshare are there for the rescue.

Skillshare is an online learning community where you can explore lessons from photography to marketing skills. It is a great platform that aims to inspire new members to learn new skills and make discoveries.  What’s great about Skillshare is that you can sign up and get your first 7 days of Skillshare Premium for free. Click here to join Skillshare to watch, play, learn, make and discover. Still, aren’t sure where to start? Check out this article on what skills are most profitable.

3. Start A Business On Amazon

Selling on Amazon is one of the most profitable ideas to start a business from home. Amazon manages to ship an average of 1.6 million packages a day. According to a survey, 55 percent of all people who shop online start their search on the globally known and established platform Amazon. So if you’re not a trader on the platform, you’ll miss half of the potential market. But don’t worry: it’s not too late to start, of course. 

To sell your products on Amazon, you need to choose a sales plan, as mentioned earlier. If you opt for the professional sales plan, you can sell an unlimited number of products and pay a monthly fee of 39.99$. If you decide against the professional sales plan and for that of the open categories, you pay an individual fee of 0.99$ per product sold. So what plan you choose depends on how many products you plan to sell through Amazon.

Choosing the right product

Before you even start creating an account on Amazon, you should think about what you want to sell. This may sound very obvious at first, but Amazon offers you 20 open sales categories where you can place your product. Besides, there are ten other categories if you choose the professional sales plan. With the 20 open sales categories, you can list your products without Amazon’s permission. For the ten categories for professional sellers, you’ll need a release from Amazon itself. To do this, your products need to meet special requirements that you can read more closely on Amazon.

Create a seller account and list products

If you have thought through the previous two points well, follow through with the creation of your seller account. When registering, you must provide a payment method for receipts, a telephone number, your company details, primary contact information, and a bank account number to ensure that your sales can be processed correctly. Now, of course, you still need a suitable product that you can sell to the buyers for profit

If you want a complete guide on how to sell on Amazon check out this guide. If you follow these tips, you can scale your Amazon shop perfectly and sell more successfully.  

4. Start Teaching Online

If you are an expert in any field, why not share your expertise and experience with others? What if you discovered a passion for passing on knowledge? If so, don’t hesitate and embark on a career as a private teacher. It works for a lot of things: a musical instrument, math, a foreign language, anything.

And of course, you can teach from home easily if you have access to a laptop and the internet. To find customers, social networks are there for you as well as various places to post ads.

Because the field of online training is playing an increasingly important role, more and more people are trying to expand their knowledge in this way.

Why You Should Become An Online Tutor?

Because of the pandemic, people become much more involved in the virtual world every day. Neither students nor teachers can travel or leave for an institution. So there is much more demand for online tutors. It’s the ideal time to start preparing to be an online teacher. Teaching online gives you a lot of flexibility. You can teach from anywhere, however, it requires you to have a good internet connection so you don’t have any flaws. Online teaching is a fairly new field, so not many people know what it takes to teach online.

As a result, you will have less competition overall in your field of interest. You can apply all your previous knowledge in your online teaching methodology and also discover new techniques to make your classes more productive. You can decide your way as a part-time teacher, search for students for private classes, or you can search for work at online language teaching institutes. Everything is valid. Even after quarantine, you’ll still be able to teach online and travel the world by receiving your monthly allowance from wherever you choose to be. It’s a perfect idea for starting a teaching business from home!

5. Start Blogging


Are you inventive, curious, and resourceful? Do you have knowledge in one or more specific areas? Do you know how to write rich, hard-hitting content? So maybe you can work for yourself from home as a blogger!

It is possible to earn money and make a salary supplement with your blog, for example, through advertising.

Choose a theme that interests you and that you know well: travel, real estate, nutrition, decoration, fashion, or mechanics.

Write articles with eye-catching titles that can drive traffic. Work on your visual identity to set yourself apart from other blogs on the same topic. Make your articles as interesting as possible with photos or videos. Don’t forget to optimize your blog for SEO by using the right keywords, to attract as many readers as possible to your blog.

Affiliate Marketing

It is one of the easiest ways to generate passive revenue from your blog and generally complements a web monetization strategy. Within an affiliate marketing system, you assume the role of intermediary between the buyer and the seller (advertiser) recommending their product and receiving a commission when the sale is realized. That is, for every sale made by the company that hires you, that company will pay you a pre-established commission. It is one of the fairest ways to sell a product or service, as everyone earns: the advertiser, the affiliateand the buyer.

To become an affiliate, you must ensure that an affiliate program exists. Some brands or sellers run their own programs. Before embarking on affiliation, wait to have a blog with a few articles and a bit of readership. It will be more credible for the sellers you contact but also for your readers who will not feel that you are trying only trying to make money. Once you and your blog are ready, you can contact sellers with whom you think you have an affinity or sign up on the platforms where these sellers are if you already know them. 


Working from home is an exciting adventure that allows you to evolve professionally and humanly as you will experience independence and serenity. There are so many ideas for starting a business from home on the internet and earning a living or at least earn extra income.  However, it is not easy to discern which ones are serious and which are scams. The most important thing is to pursue whatever keeps you happy and interests you genuinely to help you reach your goal. With the home business ideas, I have mentioned in this article, arm yourself with patience and start earning!

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