Hobbies for Men: Hobbies You Won’t Roll Your Eyes At

When was the last time someone asked you what your hobby was?

Unless you were on a really slow-paced date and ran out of questions, there’s a slim chance that the topic even crossed your mind (or theirs). Hobbies might sound like a term you used in the ‘90s now that the world is obsessed with social media, Netflix, and video-sharing apps, but it was so much more than binging sitcoms and down six ill-judged shots. Today, let’s take a moment to present a fresh perspective and reinvent the term “hobby”; more specifically, hobbies for men.

Let’s be honest. We, as a society, need more hobbies. And no, by that we don’t mean sleeping for 12 hours straight or making videos for TikTok. Who couldn’t do with a few more “healthy” distractions? Hobbies are an outlet; an outlet for creativity, stress, and thoughts.

We’ve narrowed down some of the best hobbies for men, each of them different from the other to suit every personality type. Let’s begin!


Hobbies for Men That Are Actually Interesting


Reading Actual Books


This one might have been said over a million times, but hear us out. Reading is actually one of the most engaging activities out there, putting all parts of your brain to work. Some men mistake reading as a hobby only women could have, and not only is that unnecessarily sexist, but it’s also far from the truth. Theodore Roosevelt was a true bookworm, and so were many of the great minds of the world.

Reading lets you connect with brilliant writers and thinkers and presents you to a world of new ideas, ultimately making you sharper and more well-rounded. If you want some good suggestions on what to read, check out this list of books everyone should read in their lifetime. After that, this list of must-have books on your list will surely strengthen your love for reading. If you’re interested in self-help books, “Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones” by James Clear is a best-seller.


Playing an Instrument

Generations of music and pop culture references have made learning an instrument a big thing for all genders, not limited to being a hobby for men only. Learn an instrument for yourself; entertain yourself and hone a new skill. All the people you can impress by striking up a tune come second. Isn’t it somewhat endearing to imagine your family and friends gathering around you around the backyard fire pit for you to play them some songs?

A guitar is a good beginner instrument as you can find a decent model within a reasonable price. For instance, the Beginner Acoustic Classical Guitar from ADM received much praise from its users. The material is great, produces clear sound, and comes at a pleasantly budget-friendly price tag. Conveniently, there is an abundance of online resources on free guitar lessons that can help you out.


Woodworking Like a Swanson

Hobbies for men

Woodworking is another conventional hobby for men, as Ron Swanson from “Parks and Recreation” can testify. It’s always fun to see people taking a plain piece of wood and shaping it into something beautiful and useful. These are the men who can make their own Christmas presents instead of running to the store at the last moment.

You too can be a part of the hardworking legacy. In addition to adding a useful skill to your profile, woodworking has always been reported to reduce stress and levels and increase patience. Researchers compare making a chisel in a piece of wood to entering a state of zen. Want to try it out? Check out a set of wood chisel tools and clamps to start off.


Exercise Every day

Stop hitting the gym because you have to. Get into the zone because you want to and the changes will shock you. Exercising is such a hobby that bears both physical and psychological benefits. Apart from giving you a fitter body, exercise produces endorphins, a hormone that makes us happy. So if you ever felt super content looking at yourself in the mirror after a workout session, now you know what it is.

With that said, the pandemic has limited us in mobility so it’s not possible to put in hours at the gym. Many don’t have the resources or patience to have a home gym. Don’t worry. Here are 8 Best Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do At Home to make those gains.



What’s manlier than metalworking? Metalworking offers all the benefits of woodworking, but the subtle smell of sawdust is replaced by a noxious odor of burning metal.

When you learn metalworking, the world is your oyster from a creative point of view. Garden archways, cast iron boards, hanging boards, and much more – you can learn to make all of these to decorate your house or maybe even as a side hustle. VOTOER 1/4HP Rotary Metalworking Tools Kit would be the perfect beginner kit.



It’s safe to say that one primary reason mankind is so restless and unhappy now is that they have lost touch with mother nature. The great outdoors has so much offer and yet we choose to stare at the bright screen in front of us. Everyone should seek out a way to connect with nature every once in a while for the sake of their mental and physical health.

A man needs a break from the mundane pace of daily life and lies down under the stars. Get out of your cubicle and spend a few days sitting around a campfire, inhaling the fresh air. It’s a great way to reconnect with your friends, sharpen those outdoorsman skills, and get some quality time with your family or significant other. Amongst the myriad of accessories available for camping, this backpack is one of the best ones.



The art of making candles might not be one of the traditional hobbies for men, but it’s still an important part of history, career-wise. Back in the day, it was a lucrative way to earn money. With the widespread use of electricity, candles might have lost their value as a requirement and turned into a matter of luxury for any. They effortlessly create a light ambiance and fill the space with delightful aromas. We think it’s safe to say everyone enjoys a flickering flame on a particularly cold winter night or smelling an oaky fragrance as the sun peeks through the clouds.

Store-bought candles can be quite pricey. This is why homemade candles serve as a great alternative. You can make your custom candle with your favorite shades, textures, and aromas. It’s pretty easy and you only need a few things – wax, some jars, wicks, colors, and scents. Gifting homemade candles on any occasion also gives the present a personal touch. Your friends and significant other would love it!



Still love a good game of hide and seek? Treasure hunts make you squeal internally? Then geocaching may be the hobby for you. In this fun sport, people from across the globe hide objects in all kinds of places before posting the coordinates for the location on the internet. The seekers then venture out with their GPS device, seeking those “treasures.”

This hobby lets you get out of the house while creating an environment of suspense and thrill, activating the cognitive and analytical parts of your brain. To get a detailed look into the world of geocaching and to locate geocaches near you, check out geocaching.com.


Archery for the Hunger Games

Archery is one of the oldest hobbies for men. Since the primitive era when people had to rely on their rusty old bows and arrows to hunt, they have grown a love for aiming and shooting at things. Although ammunition has taken over the bow and arrow in hunting as well as self-protection, archery is still a famed sport, making its way to top events around the world including the Olympics.

It’s the kind of calm, focused, repetitive activity that can put the mind at ease. Unfortunately, bows and arrows are rarely used in hunting anymore. Alternatively, people can enjoy the same experience in target shooting.



Do you remember the first time you rode a bike? The feeling of getting rid of the training wheels and going the distance without any other support is euphoric to say the least. The sensation of the gentle breeze crashing against your face, your legs pushing on the pedal, and the tough scrape of pavement from the first digger – combining to create an experience we crave to have again for the first time today. As kids, many would literally live on their bikes. But with age, we get our driver’s license, speed overpowers entertainment, and we eventually banish our bikes to the garage. Why ignore this youthful activity?

Thankfully, due to amateur athletes and urban hipsters, bicycling has seen a resurgence in popularity. Everyone can run a 5k, but not all have the guts to participate in a bike race. Even if you’re not competing, cruising around town in your two-wheeler is satisfying as is. If you’re a fan of the wood, you could do mountain biking. People have traveled across borders on their two wheels, so you can surely pass the block around the corner. This Schwinn Fastback AL Claris Bike is perfect for beginners and intermediates alike.


Metal Detecting/Scrapping

There are very few activities that can be considered as manly hobbies for men as metal detecting. Picking or antiquing revolves around the concept of collecting materials with legit monetary value. Scraping is literally converting useless trash into cash. What was once thrown into the dustbin to be discarded is recycled to reach a brand new form. You simply need a small magnet and some rudimentary knowledge on the kinds of metals and their designated values. After that, you can start collecting and bringing found things to a scrapyard.

Metal detecting bears some resemblance to scrapping, but you usually find things like old coins, rings, and jewelry. Since detecting requires you to work, you’ll be putting your body through a needed physical activity. Both these hobbies have turned slightly historian, which can be considered an essential trait for humans to cultivate.



Hobbies for men

Golf inherently feels like a storied and regal sport. Starting from the dapper clothing to the graceful movement and manicured lawns, everything about golf screams sophistication. They say cricket is the gentleman’s game but we think golf is a worthy competitor for the title. Undoubtedly, golf is a hard sport to master. However, that’s what makes the game fun.

You’re almost always at a competition with yourself as much as others. Most sports require you to be better than your opponent, but in golf the excitement lies in exceling your own game. There will always be things you can do to improve without relying on others. For this one, it’s best to take in-person lessons as there’s a matter of posture and stance to consider. Have a look at this stunning Callaway Golf Men’s Strata for an excellent set of clubs to start you off.



Writing or journaling is a universal choice not only as hobbies for men, but as a favorite pastime for the whole world.. This habit has been a part of many great men’s journeys. Some men write in order to make a book and sell it; some do it to simply organize their thoughts, link ideas, solve issues, and even alleviate stress. You’ll be amazed how powerful words can be when put on paper. Not to mention how cathartic of an experience it is!

Instead of forcing yourself to journal daily, it’s better to view it as a hobby. This way, your thoughts are much more relaxed and come out naturally. Pen down everything in your spare time, even if for a few minutes scattered throughout the day. It’s not a hobby you can particularly show off, but it’s personally rewarding and keeps you away from being distracted by the busy world of today. You can leave your journal behind for your future generations to read and fondly look back at the kind of person you were. Let the creative juices flow and just write. It doesn’t need to make sense; it should be raw and true to yourself.

Many people wish to pick up writing after discovering a true fondness for journaling. For them, we have our Ultimate Guide on How to Become a Better Writer.


Sailing Away

Many men dream about being able to connect to the depths of the ocean. Sailing involves a bunch of the oldest disciplines: navigating, weather forecasting, rope skills, etc. This qualifies as one of the manliest hobbies for men. Your mind reverts to the shabby, bearded men draped in torn clothing as they fought off angry seas and monsters in the seas but the chaos puts your mind at rest. It’s truly a whiff of fresh air, providing healthy doses of mental and physical exercise.

Sailing can seem like an expensive hobby, and it can definitely be one if you make it to be like that. But you can cut corners by taking classes, hiring boats, and much. It’s not mandatory to splurge thousands on a boat to begin. Your whole family can reap the benefits of you learning how to hold to rope; get your family and friends on the boat for a weekend of great fun.




Although this hobby only applies to a handful of people lucky enough to live on the coasts, it’s also one of the activities many people’s lives center around. Being on a boat is an enjoyable experience whereas being on a surfboard can be a surreal one. You can feel every single wave, enjoy the rush of adrenaline to your head when the water hits your board, and also suffer failure when you miss the ride.

Not only are you competing with yourself to a better surfer, but you’re also competing with Mother Nature herself. If the chance ever arises, walk into a local surf shop, pick up a board, and walk towards the seas. Wavestorm’s 8’ Surfboard is a nice choice.



Hobbies for men allow them to unplug, rejuvenate, meet people, and make a healing space for themselves where they can recover from the usual burnout of everyday life. Take a breather; find a hobby and dedicate time to it. You’re bound to see some positive influences in your life.

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