Entertaining Hobbies for Women to Try Out in 2021

In a world that’s hyperactive and obsessed with the concept of society, it can be natural to fall into a draining cycle. Waking up, doing your 9 to 5, maybe doing a side hustle. Simply setting an alarm and going to bed so you can do it all overall. Hobbies present a healthy way outside the usual rat race.

Studies show that not only is this a good break for your brain and body, but it also carries physical and mental health benefits. 

Leisure activities go a great way in providing immediate stress relief, lowering depression as well as blood pressure, and maintaining stable mental health.

Now, some would argue that finding a new hobby ultimately adds another item to your to-do list. To some extent, that’s true. But you must also not forget that this is going to be something that gives you joy; something that doesn’t feel as much as a liability as much as it feels like an outlet for tension and monotony. 

We’ve narrowed down the best hobbies for women so you can stop worrying about which hobby you should try out. So, ladies, get ready to find the pastime you will love to do!


Best Hobbies for Women That Are Well Worth Your Time


Paint a Picture

Hobbies for Women

Have absolutely no artistic sense? No worries! You too can experience the relaxing benefits of putting paint on paper even if the results aren’t exhibition-worthy. Not everything has to be started with a view to becoming the best at it. Painting has been known to be a therapeutic pastime.

Figures like Bob Ross make us feel how incredibly calming painting can be if you’re just being yourself with your art.

You can choose to paint your very own first of little trees to an entire nightscape of Paris. Draw inspiration from everyday life and put the magic out on the canvas. Sign up for painting or drawing lessons if a more structured environment is your way of doing things. Grab your set of brushes and paints and be completely independent with your art from day 1. 

You can get all kinds of amazing art supplies on Amazon.com. Check out Madisi Painting Canvas Panels, US Art Supply 162 Piece-Deluxe Box Art, Komorebi Japanese Watercolor Paint Set, and BOSOBO Paint Brushes Set for a complete art accessory kit if you’re keen on starting out.


Bust a Move

It’s time to put on your dancing shoes and conquer the world – one move at a time! Join a Zumba class to really build up a pace or search for local dance nights in community centers.

Follow online video tutorials, or maybe even convince your partner to join you in the hip-shaking fun. Most exercises boost endorphins, but it’s been seen that dancing releases the most endorphins out of average aerobic exercises. No wonder it’s one of the top hobbies for women.

Dancing is equally effective in reducing cortisol, also known as “the stress hormone,” one other reason dancing feels so relaxing and enjoyable. Fitness expert Dr. Matt Roots shows how today’s hectic society makes dancing feel better than ever.

Modern technology has us chained to the rhythm of technology and constant competition. Dancing allows us unhindered motion – the opportunity to move to the beat of our own down, reconnecting us to our body. Plus, dance is incomplete without music, and music is known to boost dopamine. Who couldn’t do with more of that?



The digital era has confined us to images based on pixels and memory stored within our electronic devices. When was the last time you did something eventful and considered printing the photos out? Unless it’s something ceremonious like a wedding or birthday, chances are slim that those memories leave your phone or camera.

This is the perfect moment to get offline and create a scrapbook that’s much more than the digital cloud.

Crafting relieves your mind of several mental baggages and offers a creative window where you can go wild and put every bit of your thought into something. In addition, you’ll be saving memories for future generations to look fondly back at.

While playing with colorful paper and washi tape might seem more like an activity for teenagers, scrapbooking and DIY-ing are the top hobbies for women of all ages. On that note, make sure to read our Best DIY Projects for Home in 2021 – 7 Easy DIY Craft Ideas for some unique ideas.


Start a Blog

If you enjoy writing and journaling, there’s a high chance that you’d be comfortable with the concept of blogging. After all, it wouldn’t hurt to share your thoughts with the world.

You are sure to find like-minded people who resonate with you and would love to keep hearing from you. Start a blog and do it seriously. Schedule writeups and posting days, so it gets easier to keep track of what you’re putting out and what else needs to be released.

Who knows, you may even make some extra coins through blogging?

The journey of most of the renowned bloggers today on the internet started with them scribbling down their thoughts as a hobby.

However, don’t pressurize yourself to come up with new pieces when you’re not feeling it. The creativity will only ooze out when you’re not trying too hard. Start off by considering blogging as an activity you perform for self-enjoyment, not to promote some goods or services. But if you manage to find a niche that works for you and your audience, you can definitely build a website around it.



Are you familiar with the term “adult coloring?” It has recently gotten super popular as it’s related to alleviating stress through the power of vibrant colors. This trend mainly started with the “paint by numbers”. Match the colors to the numbers on the picture and simply fill out colors in the grand scheme.

You might mistake this as something meant for kids. Rest assured, adults can enjoy coloring as much as a child. In fact, this is the exact same thing you did as a kid. But the primary difference is that your life probably wasn’t as stressful and demanding as a child.

Coloring can relax the amygdala, fear center of the brain. It replicates the same state of mind you’d reach through meditation. This generates quietness and mindfulness, which also allows your mind to get some much-deserved rest after pacing around the whole day.

Let’s face it: coloring is cathartic, and your dismissal of it as a kiddy pastime will only strip you off the opportunity to pick up one of the most healing hobbies for women out there. If you’re looking to get started, here’s a set of excellent colored pencil sets as well as a good beginner book: Stress Relief Coloring Book for Adults by Jenny Palmer


Center Yourself Through Meditation


Meditation is the calmness of the mind. The practice of relaxing the body and focusing the mind enables the practitioner to slowly train their inner self to obtain consciousness and awareness about their surroundings, themselves, and others.

It mainly started as a spiritual practice blended with prayer but has branched out into many secular uses. Such as therapy, exercise, counseling, as well as healing and relaxation practices. Many people seem to confuse yoga and mediation. In reality, the latter is a part of yoga, but both of them are parts of the soothing hobbies for women.

Meditation is a terrific choice for a hobby as it doesn’t take up a lot of time, isn’t expensive at all, and offers benefits for the whole body, spirit, and mind. Thanks to the internet, hobbies like these are easier to practice. You will find plenty of self-help guides on the web alongside a variety of mobile applications helping you learn the basics. 

Keep in mind that meditation isn’t something quick or easy to learn. You will be required to show dedication, practice, and discipline. Make sure to look at our How to Meditate for Beginners: Easy Guide to Get You Started for more information. While not necessary, it is recommended you pick out a yoga mat for better results. The Amazon Basics Yoga Mat is a good choice.


Capturing From Behind the Lens

Humans love remembering moments of beauty. And what better way to do that but photography? Taking pictures can be a leisure time activity or a hobby you wish to make a professional career out of one day.

It is safe to say that photographers see the world in a different light, making this one of the most unique hobbies for women we could find. Granted, a lot of people go behind the lens when they want to try out a hobby, so it might be a bit generic. But consider that maybe the reason it’s so popular is that it’s just that enjoyable!

Once you get hooked on seeing the beautiful world through the lens of your camera, there’s no going back. You will surely notice a newfound appreciation for life. Photography has so much to offer – you will record special events, people who matter, places that intrigue you, and much more. It has endless possibilities in the departments of creative expression, versatility, and technical expertise. 

And since this is a hobby you can start at any age, you won’t feel so uncomfortable with the learning curve. There’s a common misconception that photography is a super expensive hobby. Much like with every other pastime, it can be that, but only if you make it to be.

You can surely pursue your love for this activity on a budget by finding a great, affordable camera and lenses. For instance, the Kodak PIXPRO FZ43 16.15MP Digital Camera may not be the most high-tech camera out there, but it takes sharp photos and comes with a bunch of fantastic inclusions. If you want to take the level up a notch, the Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera would be the one for you.


The Art of Origami


Origami isn’t just for kids. The art of paper folding has been associated with Japanese culture for ages and lets us get creative with some bits of paper. Origami is interesting as it pushes people to their imagination’s edge, where they must come up with something new they can do with the same old paper strip. This art is actually a recommended activity for adults and elders alike. 

One of the main reasons why origami is considered such a stimulating activity is that engaging with paper folding challenges us on a cognitive level. Scientists have always tried to discover new ways to keep the brain and mind running smoothly as we age. The primary way to do that is to challenge the mind, build on our inner abilities and talents by going through a multitude of mentally testing tasks, eventually strengthening our brain. 

Origami is one such avenue that offers both physical and mental stimulus with exercise. Apart from developing hand-eye coordination, it improves mental concentration and fine motor skills.

Using our hands directly links the brain. In fact, due to these very reasons, origami is implemented in many therapeutic settings, including injury rehabilitation and art therapy. Train your brain, relax it, and develop memory – all through origami. Here’s a guide to help you get started.


Bowl a Strike

Inherently titled as a manly man’s pastime, bowling probably won’t be the first thing you think of when talking about hobbies for women. However, many females have been considered bowling aces over the years. This could be your chance to pick up this physically stimulating activity that really pumps up the adrenaline and gets you hyped for a night out.

If we were being honest, bowling isn’t that widespread, but it’s still an entertaining one. It’s addictive, and you can challenge yourself and your friends to a friendly game.

On top of that, bowling is a fun date night activity. Walking up to your date and knocking down all the bowling pins is super impressive, isn’t it? And even if you plan on keeping it completely solo, you could definitely have fun at your local bowling alley. Try to beat the high scores (which you can set too!) 

It’s not mandatory to have your own bowling ball, especially if you’re only doing it once or twice a month. But if you want a more personalized feel from the sport, we suggest getting your own. The Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball is an Amazon bestseller. 


Plug In the Video Games

Hobbies for Women

Video games might have been a “boy” thing in the past, but with the domination of impactful female gamers, the gaming world is more diversified than ever. Read more on hobbies for men here.

You might have given up playing video games after hitting a certain age because life caught on. But this is the exact time to consider reentering the scenario. With new games of a number of genres being introduced to the market every day, you are bound to find something that entertains you. 

Kids aren’t the only ones who can enjoy a good playoff. If you have children who play video games, ask them to teach you their favorites. This can be a great bonding moment as well! Try an online game if you’re not big on collaborative games just yet.

There is a huge range of games to choose from – roleplaying, arcade, puzzle, casual, word, trivia, strategy, and many more. You can download games on your laptop, mobile, or PC from various online sources. Make sure to scroll through Amazon and find what best fits you.


Bottom Line

Even if you didn’t find a pastime from this list, there are many other engaging hobbies for women to meet your personal requirements and preferences. Keep in mind that hobbies are supposed to relieve stress and be enjoyable. If they create unnecessary anxiety, then they aren’t worth it. Don’t choose something that simply adds a burden to your schedule. Life gets busier with each passing hour, so choose something freeing.

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